It rained that day, in the picture on the left. The light was shining boldly behind the vintage billboard, gracing the Disneyland walkway with some shade. Mickey Mouse ice-cream was being held off camera by loved ones, melting quickly, longing to be eaten; but in that moment, all that mattered was the boy who made me smile. The boy who moved from Georgia to Utah, and decided to stay because of me; the boy whose eyes were brighter than any eyes I’d ever seen. I’m a pretty happy person, and this day was filling my cup right up! Every time I look at this picture I remember how I felt. This wish for remembering feelings and moments all started in 2008 which is when my camera really started to become my right arm. Now I am a portrait, fashion and lifestyle photographer, and I love it! 

Matt and I were married in 2013 in the SLC Temple, and I became Rachel Green (yes, like Friends)! I love to travel, eat chocolate, and take photos. My maiden name is pronounced “locket”.


Send me an email with any inquiries or to book a session. I love meeting new people! 

Photo: Mollie Jane Photography